“As an intermediate beginner I only had a vague idea of what I wanted to achieve from my lessons with the academy before I started. Fortunately, Sena guided and helped me set goals after the 1st lesson and we began to build upon these in the 2nd lesson. During the 3rd lesson I had a breakthrough when everything that I was being taught started to come together. Sena has helped me to not only improve my technique, but also how to think about my own game critically and how to play competitively. My confidence is improving all the time and I will definitely continue with the lessons.”

(Dawn Adult player talking about his first experience with Diamond Tennis Academy and coach Sena June 2016)

“Practising my tennis shots on the slow-paced surface enables me to have a bit of extra time to think about my technique and my strokes. It makes an excellent transition before moving up to outdoors courts as you have built up your skills gradually”

(Catherine Adult player who had many sessions over the last few years talking about her experience Nov 2014) 

“I did two lessons with Kevin – one outdoor and one indoor.  I enjoyed them both.  We had a minor hiccup as we couldn’t find the key for the Victoria Park courts but Kevin didn’t give up and finally got hold of a park keeper who let us in.  Kevin was good at keeping in touch to make arrangements.  I thought I got something out of both lessons.  He could quickly see where some of my weaknesses are and we worked mainly on backhand which I felt improved during the lesson. There was a good mix of technique training and playing points and a good emphasis on playing tactically. So a thumbs up from me.  I would happily have lessons with Kevin again sometime.

(Christina Member since 2010, talking about her Groupon Experience, Feb 2013)

“I thoroughly enjoyed my Tennis coaching session with Sena, I found him an excellent coach and would definitely like to play more but am constrained by time and distance from Cardiff.”

(Richard Powell Cowbridge, Groupon Customer, Dec 2012)

“I recently had my very first 2 coaching sessions – one on a full size outdoor tennis court and the second session on a full size indoor tennis court. As I am a novice tennis player these sessions were good in giving me the confidence that at the very least I could hit the ball in some fashion albeit starting on just a small section of the court. Attempting to play on the full size court straight off would have been quite difficult initially both physically and in terms of confidence.  I then joined a ladies evening session which was indoors in the school hall on smaller courts, using smaller rackets and sponge balls. I was slightly apprehensive in joining a group session but the group were very welcoming and the variety of tennis activities during the session made me forget to be self conscious and kept my concentration focused. The hour passed surprisingly quickly. The smaller court made me feel more confident in being able to cover the area and attempt to hit the ball. I thought that it would not feel the same as playing tennis on a traditional tennis court but it did and I can see that attending these sessions will develop my tennis skills so that I will have the confidence in the summer to play on the outdoor courts. These sessions feel like just the right way for me to be introduced to tennis with other players in a way that feels safe and supportive but has an element of fun too.”

(Judy Wright, Adult Member Since January 2013)

“I’m amazed at the progress I’ve made playing on indoor courts with slightly smaller lightweight racquets and soft balls during the autumn and winter months.  It’s easier to keep the ball in play, which has helped with improving my strokes and learning new tactics.  It has made a real difference to my game when playing on the outdoor courts. I never thought that as someone who plays tennis for fun and for fitness I would end up with an insight into the tactics used by professional players.  Diamond Academy’s indoor sessions are also very good value and led by highly experienced coaches.”

(June, Adult Member since  2009)

“I really enjoy tennis but perhaps like many people I only play occasionally due to the British weather. My forehand is okay, but my backhand is really non-existent, and don’t even get me started on my serve. I signed up for a set of six indoor sessions with Diamond Tennis Academy. We worked on smaller courts, with three-quarter size raquets. This really made me work on the technique of the game, understanding why my backhand didnt work, and putting together the correct footwork, body position, and swing to improve my game. With easy and fun exercises, I even got my serve functioning. The indoor sessions were a great grounding for moving my game outdoors, and an excellent fitness and technique improver over the winter months. ”

(Jon Anderson, Adult member since 2011)

“My kids (aged 3 and 5) started off with Diamond Tennis Academy over a year ago and are now attending the Tots and Under 8 tennis sessions. The training they have received from mature, experienced coaches has been exceptional. The coach has the rare skill of engaging toddlers for an hour, so they have fun, exercise and learn to hit the balls. My kids love tennis practice. It’s really good value for money compared to some of the other classes we do and we are delighted with the new indoor courts. The class sizes have been small which has been great in developing my kids’ confidence and they now love to join in every second of the hour. Thank you very much for all the time and effort you put into the toddlers and Under 8s. My kids and I think Diamond Tennis is fantastic and we are planning to be members for many years to come”

(Adele, member since 2009)

“I started as a complete beginner in the Adult Learner Sessions at Diamond Tennis Academy in 2008 and I think it is one of the most enjoyable things I have ever done. The coaches are fantastic; really knowledgeable, patient, helpful and very encouraging. I find the way the sessions are divided up through each term particularly helpful as we focus on different areas each week and build both confidence and skills as we go. The group is friendly and supportive, and we live in the hope that Sam, our social secretary, will organise a night out by the end of the decade! My tennis has improved beyond all recognition and although I have a long way to go, I’m keeping going and getting better week after week. I do think that the Diamond Tennis Academy have helped me learn how to play and enjoy a sport I have always loved watching, and that’s a brilliant thing”

(Sarah, member since 2008)

“My son has been a member of Diamond Tennis Academy for a couple of years and has benefited from the expert coaching and personal mentoring that has seen his LTA rating improve significantly. Coaches are knowledgeable, friendly and approachable, providing a supportive environment for personal development. He really enjoys the way the academy sessions are run, providing a good balance of fun, skills development and competitive tennis”

(Ian, member since 2008)