The Academy

Providing quality coaching for all means giving all players solid fundamentals to be able to progress long term. We specialise in working with primary school aged players.


The Diamond Tennis Academy programme is based upon our 20 + years of working with development players.  The aim of our programme is to produce players keen to compete. The programme is carefully monitored, with players progress checked regularly. It is invitation only. Players from our hubs progamme will be able to apply.

The Diamond Tennis Academy programme is based upon the LTA local player development centre criteria. The aim of our programme is to produce as a minimum county standard senior players from the local community.

Players commit to a minimum of 2x 30 minute individual and  2x squad session with us.  Also they will compete in 12 external competitions per year. This is an invitation only programme. Players will be assessed to place them in the correct group. Their individual training plan will develop from there.

Procedure for Parents who would like their child to join DT sessions

  • Hubs; please email and copy your current coach into the email.
  • Diamond Tennis Pay and play, just book and pay online
  • Community sessions, just let your coach know and then contact us for details of spaces.

Procedure for coaches who would like their player to join DT

Please contact Director of Tennis Sena Tengey by email to let him know about the player, their attitude towards tennis, towards training and their current skill level. The sessions would be separate to our own internal Academy sessions. We are looking to provide quality coaching at a red and orange level and then send players back to their coach/venue to continue their development. We would follow strict procedures about any parent requesting to join the Academy.